Welcome to Wise Heron

Welcome to Wise Heron™!  We design T-shirts for our community of runners, walkers, and any range of athlete, from the fierce competitor to those strolling along their course of adventure.  We value your time, energy, and commitment to wellness.  We are inspired by your sweat, goals, and accomplishments.  We reach out support and celebrate the journey with you.

We started with our Run50™ Collection to help you highlight where you’ve already laid your footprints down and anticipate the states you will run, walk, or race a half or full marathon in next.  Order a shirt, grab a permanent marker and check the states you’ve hit off the list…or, use the map shirt to color in, check off, or add the date to each state in the map.  People will love to see and celebrate your progress!  It’s inspiring, trust us!

cousinstreeposeNext we rolled out the (re)WRITEABLE™ collection!  Using a *washable* marker, you can declare what you Run For, Sweat For, Walk For, Bike For, Hike For or Yoga For that given day.  Your intention may be funny, serious, or it may just be something that motivates you to get out there and knock out your workout…the best part is, with erasable, you can change it day to day (or moment to moment if it’s one of those days).  We also have kids sizes so if your family is doing a charitable event, you can all join in the fun.  Ahhhh, the power of intention!  As you’ll see on the Writeable Collection page, we are committed to donating $1 from every shirt purchased to continue to support wellness and community. We’re all for spreading the love.

We then added the State Love™ Collection so you can represent where you’re from as you bust out your miles.  Within the state shape, you can also write your name so fans can cheer you on as you trot toward the finish line!  Let the rivalry begin…

Next up – let’s GLOW!  We went for it with multiple glow-in-the-dark options including Rock.Star. and Glow Girl.  You need one of these for a glow race, blacklight yoga, or a rowdy Friday night.  

We love supporting all of you in your quest for health.  It ain’t easy but it’s worth it – let’s do it together!



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