Who in the Flock?!


I get fired up helping people get started in their fitness adventure…whether that is running, walking, wogging (the walk-jog), lifting weights, cycling, sweating in the garden, playing tennis, or getting out on the ice for some curling.  The part I love is helping people get past the stumbling blocks so it becomes something that pulses joy into their life.  The fact is people need the sweat now more than ever – to keep our bodies working, to clear the mind, to help focus our priorities, to give us more time, to give us that piece of satisfaction we are all searching too hard for.  It’s all in the sweat – truly.
At Wise Heron, we have created “never-seen-this-before” apparel to get you going and celebrate your achievements as you keep going.  We’ve searched and found the best fabrics and cuts to make each piece functional and freaking awesome!  And, while we are excited about T’s and tanks, our real passion lies in coming together with our people.  We strive to create the best online running and/or sweating community that is INCLUSIVE, WELCOMING, AND ENCOURAGING so we can bring more connection, fun, and joy to your fitness lifestyle.  We are grateful to walk this journey together with you – thank you for being here and sharing your energy in a World that needs it!


With Love,

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