Hey May!

Spring is in the air and ambitions are revved up!  It is time to get out in the fresh sunshine and get your groove on. With that, I’ve drawn up some pretty ambitious goals for May that I want to share with you so we can keep each other accountable. I’d also love to hear how you approach your fitness goals – weekly? Monthly? # of workouts?  I like to change it up and approach it all different ways, depending on the month(s). It truly helps me integrate fitness as a happy, integral part of my life when I can plot it out and share in it with others.

Lately, I’ve had regular busy life stuff – work, travel, sick kid, family – and while I was still fitting in a run or hike when I could, it wasn’t as productive or rock-this-thang as I’d hoped.  That happens, but now, MAY is here.

As you may know, I’m a fan of numbers and with May as month 5, I’ve worked it in to get extra specific this month (versus more general workout X times per week, which is what works better other months!) I also want to cover more miles on my bike as spring wakes up across our beautiful surroundings.

So for MAY:  55 miles by foot (run/hike), 5 Yoga Sessions, 25 miles by bike.

We’d love to hear how you set your goals, what your current goals may be, and most importantly how we can help and encourage you along the way!  Please join us to chat on workouts or all things wellness, ask questions of some seasoned experts, share your adventures and lessons learned, get some support, inspiration, and accountability – hook up with us via our NEW Closed Facebook Group, through the website, on social media, or directly by email.


With Love,

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