Move It Move It!

Howdy Herons! With May in full swing, you can feel the slip-and-slide right into summer fun – longer days, bright sun, high energy, and more sweat!  Ah, sweet summer.  Speaking of more sweat, we’ve been pondering – what motivates you to sweat – are you motivated by minutes?  Tracking your steps?  Miles? Pounds (dropped or lifted)?  Please share with us via email or social media!

We all know that we need to get our sweat on; that being active is critical to short- and long-term health (and happiness, I may add!).  There are recommendations from everywhere – the CDC, the American Heart Association, etc. providing an array of somewhat-confusing numbers from 20-60 minutes PER DAY (!) to a more consistently suggested 150 minutes/week of moderate intensity activity.  Between sorting out what that means, what counts, where and how to fit it in, many times, it just doesn’t happen.  But, NO MORE!

Get in on the Wise Heron Move It-Move It Challenge – it’s simple, it has three choices of commitment levels, it has a printable to track your progress, AND it comes with the support of all of us doing it with you!  You can connect with us and encourage other challengers on social media if you’d like, with a smaller group of Herons in our Closed Facebook Group (JOIN HERE), or directly with us via email at

The challenge options are based solely on minutes of being active.  What counts?  You decide; you know if you are being active.  Some ideas – getting out for a walk on your lunch break, doing a yoga or strength class or DVD, getting on your bicycle, hiking, some vigorous gardening (this happens this time of year!), whatever works for you to MOVE IT-MOVE IT!

This is a 4-week challenge starting THIS Monday MAY 23rd – June 19, 2016 – you choose how many minutes you can commit to being active.

200 Minute Challenge – #WiseHeron200
500 Minute Challenge – #WiseHeron500
800 Minute Challenge – #WiseHeron800

Do you have other goals or training going on for May?  No problem, you can count them here too!  We also realize it is unconventional to start a challenge in the middle of the month, but with fitness (and really with anything), NOW IS THE TIME (and we get a little gangster like that)!  We’ll also wrap up at the summer solstice….which seems to fit like a glove (er, sandal).

I’m committing to try for the 800 Minute Challenge.  Wherever you’re at, whatever your goal, JOIN WITH US – let’s rock this!

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

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