Move It-Move It, Photo Challenges, June, and #WiseHeron800

Welcome to June, Herons!  We are in full swing with the Move It-Move It Challenge (you can still get in!), today kicks off our photo challenge, and we will soon be enjoying the longest day of the year (I love the summer solstice!).  For photo challenge inspiration, check out our many fun pics that peeps have been taking!

Remember in Newsletter 2 when I was all pumped up for May and made some big goals (like on an endorphin-fueled whim)?!  I committed to 55 miles by foot, 5 YOGAs, and 25 miles by bike…and I will tell you, it was NOT as easy to fit in as work, life, and travel took over what I first envisioned as a clean calendar of fitness opportunity for May.  BUT, I did it – barely, but I did and truthfully, it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t told you I’d do it. I anticipate you would have forgiven me if I hadn’t quite made it but I wanted to start our relationship out on an accountable foot and some days, I was solely motivated by that fact.  I also took advantage of smaller windows of time to do a quick 10-20 minute walk more frequently and hey, those miles add up (and the minutes are adding up on my #WiseHeron800 challenge too!).  It’s funny because sometimes I feel like those small breaks “don’t count” since it isn’t a hard-core all out, sweat-dripping workout.  BUT, using those windows of time to get moving was just the ticket for my body and mind…and just made it to my goal mileage.  And, I have you all to thank!

The highlight of Wise Heron for me is seeing and hearing all the great things you all are up to….starting a Couch to 5K program, buying a bike, running races, and setting out on some multi-segment ambitious hiking adventures (watch for this blog post to come!).  It is inspiring to be among people who are integrating wellness into their lives – whether through 10 minute walk breaks when you can, choosing fruit over fries, or setting new challenges for yourself.  It all counts, it all matters, and it is certainly important.

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

PS – Next up?!  The Pea Soup Days 5K on June 9th!  I love this local race and have run it every year since it began.  My favorite part now is the kids race – which BOTH my boys will run this year!!!  🙂

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