On the Business of Busy-ness…

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY – that’s how we feel and how life rolls. The truth is, we will always fill up our days. Though sometimes it feels like the schedule controls us, we do need to step in from time-to-time to gut check our lists, calendars, and priorities. In the end, what we wish for is more time and more health.

While we all work in various forms and fashions, we also each need to work to purposefully carve out a little time for the people and pursuits that make our hearts sing. Done regularly, I’m betting this will give you the more time and more health (as well as love, fun, adventure…) that we are all seeking! So, take this as a (kind though firm) order to pencil in (read: actually schedule):

1. THREE fun things you’re going to do in the waning weeks of summer – more time alone or with those you love (equally more fun and more love!);

2. THIRTY (more) minutes each week, all together or in smaller blocks of time, to go for a walk or get your sweat on. Make it a highly valued appointment that you will not miss – it is not a long time and it is a necessary investment for more health.

3. ONE minute each day (with your coffee, when you are sweating, or even when you brush your teeth if you must multi-task it) for GRATITUDE. Think of a few moments, people, opportunities, little things, or big things that you value and appreciate. It’s proven – a tiny practice of gratitude breeds more joy – which I’ll bet again will bring you more time and more health.
They say, we make time for what’s important…so, let’s do just that! (And, in the spirit of summer fun – I double dog dare you!!)

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

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