Hello Herons!

I hope you’re finding ways to enjoy the hot days of summer! Triple digits more creativity to fit in fitness but this month’s focus on fun has allowed a more sporadic and unstructured (as in – impromptu hike, a cool swim across the lake, doing what works). Sometimes my mind gets a little over-active thinking maybe I’m slacking a bit…BUT it can wait until next month for a more structured, regular workout schedule.

Speaking of fun…the wine run! We braved mega-pouring rain to wait for our packets wondering if we’d still run and if we’d be able to set up our little Wise Heron table. Right about race time, the sun popped out, spirits rose, and we were ready to RUN FOR WINE. It turned out to be a beautiful evening for a fun run through the grape vines! My favorite part though was chatting with people at our table (which Jamie (co)manned like a boss!) – meeting runners, hearing stories of what they wanted to RUN FOR, and laughing together.

Wishing you some extra fun and laughs in your workouts…

Megan @ Wise Heron

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