Being Better Than You Were Yesterday


Summer is rallying…it’s holding Fall off a bit longer. Get out and soak it up!

I can tell you that there are a gazillion personal reasons that people run or push themselves to get their sweat on. As evidenced by our (re)Writeable shirts (holla!), you run for clarity, you sweat for weight loss, you walk for wine (holla back!), you hike for balance, etc. You know it’s good for your body…and hopefully you know it’s good for your mind. My recent return to (actual) training and conversations with many of you have reminded me how good sweating is for the soul. (I acknowledge this is a stretch for those who would rather sell their soul…)

The fact is, starting any exercise commitment is daunting. Setting a goal is unnerving. Having a shitty run is demoralizing. And, sometimes a workout leaves you exhausted. But the value is in the process – the start, the training, the commitment, pushing yourself through bad workouts, riding the high of the awesome workouts, and being better than you were yesterday. While crossing the finish line is technically the goal in a race, the gift lies in the hard core strength developed in your body, mind, and soul – yours to keep and flex indefinitely beyond the finish line. Swoosh.

Whew, that got deep (God, I hope she doesn’t do this all the time!) so….
Get out there. Push yourself.
You can do it – you will do it.
You need it. And, you’re worth it.

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

PS – In case you need it…

running playlist

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