Happy Fall Equinox!

Among my other quirks, I love the equinox. While technically the start of Fall (ahhhh, so much to LOVE!), the equinoxes represent a time of balance with precisely equal amounts of light and dark in the day and across the hemispheres.  Each spring and fall, I like to use these days to take stock of where I have balance (and more importantly, ahem, imbalance) in my life – physically, emotionally, within relationships, in how I’m allocating my time/energy, and in just the way I feel. I hope you can take a minute too to take a little inventory, do a quick gut check, and celebrate whatever balance looks like for you. Clearly, I can celebrate most anything.

I also wanted to congratulate a few of our tribe who spent last weekend out running their first half marathon, their first 10 mile, competing in a hard core mountain bike race, and otherwise being awesome (some guest posts to come!).You all truly inspire me. On Saturday, I too ran the Stillwater Log Run 10 mile. I told you all I was going to buckle down and train for a PR (personal record). The goal was to be under 94 minutes and my secret goal was to be under 90 minutes. Well, I trained…I worked hard…I prepared mentally and with pre-race pizza..and on race day, I pushed myself to dig in and try harder than I’ve raced before.  It worked.  A lot. I ran faster consecutive miles than I’ve ever run and finished in 84.5 minutes. I tell you this not to get too run-pace-technical or focus too much on time results BUT to share what I learned this weekend. We are stronger than we think.  And, that matters on so many levels.

I know many of you have your sights on fall goals and events. Keep at it, keep pushing yourself to get stronger, feel stronger, be stronger. We’re with you every step of the way…

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

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