Good Luck, Runners!

Welcome to October, some excellent running awaits you!  First and foremost, I want to wish JAMIE, my partner in crime, the BEST OF LUCK for an excellent race this weekend.  If you’ve been following her blog, Jamie’s Journey, you know she has been putting in the time, the miles, and the anxiety that comes with training for her FIRST EVER HALF MARATHON!  I couldn’t be more proud of her and excited for her to share the comradery with her friends and the community of runners, experience the challenge and perseverance that gets you to the end, and to soak in all that race day has to offer.  This is a BIG accomplishment and I hope the strength of pursuing this goal, training for it mentally and physically, and tackling race day itself this weekend bring her years of pride for her new strength and achievement!

I’d also like to send some BIG LUCK and strength to all those running our local Twin Cities Marathon this weekend. It is called “the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America” for a reason! The marathon and 10-mile course are spectacular. We wish all the runners a great event!

There are a ton of great races across the country this month including some extra fun Halloween runs.  We hope you get in on the fun and folly before the days get any shorter and our thoughts turn to turkey.

Good luck everyone – you have made us proud already!

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

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