Jamie’s Journey – the person behind the runner.

Who am I?  For months now I have been sharing with you my journey leading up to my very first half marathon.  Along the way I have shared with you some of my favorite songs to listen to while running, changes in diet I have made, frustrations I have experienced mentally and physically while training – but I have shared little with you details about who I am.  The person behind the runner.  So before I share with you about running my first half marathon, I want to take a brief moment to share a little bit more about me – and who I have become along this journey.

I’ll spare you all the little details from my childhood – mostly because I had a pretty ‘typical’ Midwestern upbringing…but also because I don’t think most people clicked on this post to read a huge autobiography, haha!  Instead, I’ll start by sharing with you some of the titles/hats I wear in life.  I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a fur-mom, a co-worker, an employee…and the list goes on.  I’m sure many of you reading this wear many of these same hats, as well (and then some!)  Growing up as the middle child in my family, I many times felt myself being the peace-keeper and the mediator it different situations.  I always got pretty good grades, had a close group of friends, and for the most part made “wise” decisions.  I guess you could say I was not the biggest risk taker.  I’m okay with that.  Rarely did I desire to be in the limelight.  I was (and am) a happy person….but I have to be totally honest and say that at times I felt like I was missing something in life.  I needed a goal – or a challenge.  Something I’m guessing many of us can relate to at some point or another.

In March I started my position here with Wise Heron.  It brought me some of the challenges and excitement I was looking for.  But still….I was behind the scenes (and that made me happy).  I was still in my comfort zone, in my safe little bubble of a world.  Then it happened.  My runner friends started talking about their plans to run the Crazy Horse Half Marathon.  Now, mind you, at this point – I could barely run around the block without getting a bit out of breathe!  Still, something inside of me sparked and I thought to myself…I CAN DO THAT!  In a flash of a moment, my little safe bubble was popped and I signed up for the race!  I had about 4 1/2 months to train…and I was determined to run the half marathon.

The next day at the office I shared with Megan (Founder of Wise Heron) this new goal I had made.  Her excitement for me added to my excitement!  She asked me to share my journey with you!  (eeeek!)  ME?!  Mini panic attack ensued inside me.  I would be going from behind the scene to front and center every Monday in my blog post.  Looking back now, I couldn’t be happier to have shared this with you along the way.  It added to my accountability for my running.  Whether my posts would be read by 1 person (Hi Mom!) or 100 people, I was going to see it through to the end.  To share with others a perspective of running from the eyes of a beginner.

The journey began.  I will be completely honest again…the excitement wore off quickly and I was left many times over the months of training with an oh $#!% feeling (pardon my language..)!!  BUT, race fees were paid, the lodging for my stay in South Dakota was booked…and I made a commitment.  So each training day, I would drag my butt down to my running shoes, throw them on, grab my headphones, and hit the pavement.

It didn’t happen over night, but looking back – I grew so much.  I was forced out of that little comfort zone I created for so long.  I pushed myself physically more than I have since 6th grade gym class.  I became more confident in myself.  All those hours of running, I had a chance to reflect on the type of person I wanted to be (both as a runner and as a person in general).

Over the course of this journey, I had people reach out to me and send messages cheering me on.  Sharing with me their own goals.  It gave me so much joy to create connections with people I hardly knew before!  All of a sudden, I realized what a huge and amazing community runners are.


When I started this whole thing, I thought I was going to share with you my journey over a couple months time training for this one run.  Little did I know…this decision…this race…was setting me up to start the next big journey of my life!  (and I couldn’t be happier!)

In the coming weeks I’m excited to share with you more about the race.  What I did to prepare in the days leading up to the race.  How did I cope during my run.  The after-race aches and pains.  Things I learned and what will I do different for my next Half Marathon.  And of course to share where and when the next race will be for this girl!

I hope you continue to follow along with me on this journey!  If you have an upcoming race or event, I hope you share it with me in the comments below!  If you have recently reached a goal, crossed a finish line, or just did something that made you feel like a rock star – I hope you share that in the comments with me, too!

Until next time…wishing you happy and healthy feet!

Jamie @ Wise Heron

One thought on “Jamie’s Journey – the person behind the runner.

  1. Megan

    Jamie! I am so proud of you! Not only that you have added the title “half marathoner” to your list, but for being brave and rocking this journey! It will continue to challenge and reward you a million times over through all your years!


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