Jamie’s Journey – Special Edition – Honoring a special Heron. My Grandma!

15327252_10108687257603060_2739326379845483475_nThis last week has been, without a doubt, some of the hardest days I have had in a very long time.  Yesterday my Grandma made her final journey home to heaven.  Losing someone you love breaks your heart just a little.

Although there has been sadness, these last few days I have also been reminded about what a wonderful woman my grandma was!  A force to be reckoned with.  My family has laughed and had so many smiles as we would share stories of my grandma from over the years.  These stories have taught me so many lessons.  Things I want to remember as I move forward.  I would love to share these thoughts with you!

  1.  “Do what makes you feel beautiful”.  I don’t think I ever had a day where I saw my grandma without make up.  In fact, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I saw the woman without her full face on.  (And even in those cases, I only saw her in that state because she was still getting ready…).  Now, I’m not saying that the lesson I learned from grandma was to always put on make up.  That was just her own way of helping her feel her very best.  So whether that means putting on some mascara, or starting the morning with a yoga session, or reciting some self motivating mantras as you get ready for work – do what helps you start your day your very best!  You do you, boo!  🙂
  2. “Find Love and Love Yourself”.  My grandma LOVED my grandpa.  And he loved her! 15355660_10108687257742780_2385955870498985239_n They just loved life together.  Everyone deserves a love like they had.  There is a little bit of comfort knowing my grandma is back with him again.  You see, my grandpa had passed about 10 years ago.  So, along with seeing my grandparents love life together – I also saw a woman for 10 years be a strong woman on her own.  Up until her last day, she had spent her time living in her own home.  It was important to her to be independent.
  3. “Always remember to laugh”.  Almost every single story my family and I have shared with each other about my grandma has been filled with laughter.  So many inside jokes and memories we had with her over the years.  Just fills your heart with joy.  It reminds me that even on our darkest days – it is so important to remember to smile and joke and laugh and have fun.
  4. “Do it”.  I’m going all Nike on you know – and borrowing their slogan.  Some of you may have recalled seeing a newspaper article about my grandma that I shared on our WH FB page.  When my dad was 12 years old, his baseball team didn’t have a coach.  Well, grandma was a big baseball fan all through the years (really, a sports fan in general…) and so she agreed to coach!  This was unheard of at the time – but no one else would do it.  I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit when I was reading the article about all the doubt people had in her….but she didn’t care.  I really don’t think that ever phased her.  She did it anyways because she knew it needed to be done….and she knew she could do it!  So whether it is something you want to do, or feel like you should do….GO FOR IT!  You can do it!15350700_10108728274914040_43215611122591059_n

I could probably go on and on (and on) about little life lessons the last week has taught me…but I feel like these are the big ones I’ve been really trying to remember.  All of these lessons coupled with the new year right around the corner really has me thinking of resolutions.  So many years I admit – I pick the typical stand-by resolutions for my goals.  Lose some weight, work out more, yadda, yadda, yadda…but this year I want to dig a little bit deeper.  Really try to consider what things I can change or improve to really help me become my best self.  Little actions that can be made on a daily basis!

The first step I’ll be taking is making a vision board.  Daring myself first to dream big.  Think of all the things I want to accomplish, see, do, eat, try, feel in the coming year!  There are many ways you can go about making a vision board.  More of a visualizer?  Grab a stack of magazine, flip through and cut out images of things that stand out to you.  Like to just get down and dirty to the details?  Grab a piece of paper and a pen or marks and just start creating a list and/or categories of things you want on your vision board.  Goals.   Tech Savvy?  Similar to the first example, make a vision board by using a program like Power Point where you can cut and paste images from around the internet!  Find whatever works best for you.

After you dare to dream – you can sit down and really focus and think about action steps on how you can make these dreams a reality!

So, with that – I leave you on that note – Dare to dream!  Dare to love!  Dare to do it!  Most of all – Dare to just do you, boo!  🙂

Until next time,

Jamie @ Wise Heron     15319111_10108687257907450_9109917069314017825_n

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