About Us

At Wise Heron™, we believe in a good sweat…and we believe in what a good sweat can do for you!  We also believe in community and are honored to have been part of an active community for years as runners, walkers, triathletes, yogis, and people who just like to get out and play. 

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Founded by Megan Duley, an avid runner, a fair-weather cyclist, a novice yogi, and a huge devotee to sharing a community of sweat and adventure with friends.  Megan had a few random crazy ideas (many while running), tapped a couple highly talented friends to help bring them to life…and, here you are, Wise Heron™!

Wise Heron™ is located on the beautiful border of Minnesota & Wisconsin near the St. Croix River, which is home to a large sector of hearty runners!  We love runners from ALL across the globe – and hope to run with you on one of our next adventures!

To reach us, please email us at customerlove@wiseheron.com – we are happy to support you in your wellness endeavors or work with you for specific questions or customized orders.  We also connect via our biweekly newsletter, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter – please join us!