Hello Herons!

I hope you’re finding ways to enjoy the hot days of summer! Triple digits more creativity to fit in fitness but this month’s focus on fun has allowed a more sporadic and unstructured (as in – impromptu hike, a cool swim across the lake, doing what works). Sometimes my mind gets a little over-active thinking maybe I’m slacking a bit…BUT it can wait until next month for a more structured, regular workout schedule.

Speaking of fun…the wine run! We braved mega-pouring rain to wait for our packets wondering if we’d still run and if we’d be able to set up our little Wise Heron table. Right about race time, the sun popped out, spirits rose, and we were ready to RUN FOR WINE. It turned out to be a beautiful evening for a fun run through the grape vines! My favorite part though was chatting with people at our table (which Jamie (co)manned like a boss!) – meeting runners, hearing stories of what they wanted to RUN FOR, and laughing together.

Wishing you some extra fun and laughs in your workouts…

Megan @ Wise Heron

Double Scoop of Fun!

I hope you all enjoyed a festive 4th of July holiday and are ready for the New (Half) Year! I really loved the chance to get-away, relax, and enjoy my dear friends and fam. It was a simple use of a couple vacation days but left me feeling refreshed, grateful, present, and light. To continue the trend, my July focus is….FUN.

Workout-wise, this will mean mixing it up – varying routes, distances, paces, and running with different friends. Plenty of runs, hikes, yoga, bike rides and walks but no mileage or # of workout targets this month. Also on tap, the Wicked Wine Run 5K….racing with a different purpose (FUN!).

As promised, I pondered some fitness goals for the rest of 2016. We can chat more about them in the next newsletter but I am targeting a Fall Half Marathon PR (personal record). It will be FUN to plot some training strategy and shift gears for August.

I want to thank you for all your inspiring, meaningful, and/or comedic posts! I love seeing you all in your gear and it truly motivates me to get out there and get my sweat on. The June Photo Contest was so much FUN, I am pumped to continue the party into July. Look forward to seeing you all!

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

PS – Please reach out to us if we can help support you in a new goal! We’d love to answer questions, help you strategize, give our expertise or connect you with others, or just cheer you on. Email us, message us, or join our Closed Facebook Group to tap into us!

Happy 4th of July!

I have fallen in love with the no-pressure, fun-in-the-sun celebration of “America’s Birthday” (as my son calls it). This holiday has easily and stealthily taken the lead as my favorite holiday. We try to celebrate with family and friends for a long weekend of (a lot of) great food, cannon balls into the lake, swimming, campfires, fireworks, and general horsing around. As the summers and years fly by faster, it is a little midpoint that I love to carve out to soak up the people and moments I love and purposely slow down for a few days of fun.

This year, I’ve also taken a few days off around the holiday to relax, rest, refresh, play, and let my little ones dictate the daily schedule.  I’m sure I will run or do some yoga but am looking forward to my traditional “work-outs” shifting to nature hikes, water tag, or a stroll around the lake.  It is easy to forget to prioritize play and rest with the myriad of other things filling up our days. I won’t pretend I am good at it, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

I also love the tipping point into the second half of the year.  I’m going to ponder and plot some fitness goals and adventures to motivate me through the end of 2016.  As always, I’d love some partners in crime so please do reply with any ideas, goals, challenge wishes, or tricks up your sleeve. Until then, may your days be merry and light….and may all your fireworks be bright!

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

On the Business of Busy-ness…

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY – that’s how we feel and how life rolls. The truth is, we will always fill up our days. Though sometimes it feels like the schedule controls us, we do need to step in from time-to-time to gut check our lists, calendars, and priorities. In the end, what we wish for is more time and more health.

While we all work in various forms and fashions, we also each need to work to purposefully carve out a little time for the people and pursuits that make our hearts sing. Done regularly, I’m betting this will give you the more time and more health (as well as love, fun, adventure…) that we are all seeking! So, take this as a (kind though firm) order to pencil in (read: actually schedule):

1. THREE fun things you’re going to do in the waning weeks of summer – more time alone or with those you love (equally more fun and more love!);

2. THIRTY (more) minutes each week, all together or in smaller blocks of time, to go for a walk or get your sweat on. Make it a highly valued appointment that you will not miss – it is not a long time and it is a necessary investment for more health.

3. ONE minute each day (with your coffee, when you are sweating, or even when you brush your teeth if you must multi-task it) for GRATITUDE. Think of a few moments, people, opportunities, little things, or big things that you value and appreciate. It’s proven – a tiny practice of gratitude breeds more joy – which I’ll bet again will bring you more time and more health.
They say, we make time for what’s important…so, let’s do just that! (And, in the spirit of summer fun – I double dog dare you!!)

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

Move It-Move It, Photo Challenges, June, and #WiseHeron800

Welcome to June, Herons!  We are in full swing with the Move It-Move It Challenge (you can still get in!), today kicks off our photo challenge, and we will soon be enjoying the longest day of the year (I love the summer solstice!).  For photo challenge inspiration, check out our many fun pics that peeps have been taking!

Remember in Newsletter 2 when I was all pumped up for May and made some big goals (like on an endorphin-fueled whim)?!  I committed to 55 miles by foot, 5 YOGAs, and 25 miles by bike…and I will tell you, it was NOT as easy to fit in as work, life, and travel took over what I first envisioned as a clean calendar of fitness opportunity for May.  BUT, I did it – barely, but I did and truthfully, it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t told you I’d do it. I anticipate you would have forgiven me if I hadn’t quite made it but I wanted to start our relationship out on an accountable foot and some days, I was solely motivated by that fact.  I also took advantage of smaller windows of time to do a quick 10-20 minute walk more frequently and hey, those miles add up (and the minutes are adding up on my #WiseHeron800 challenge too!).  It’s funny because sometimes I feel like those small breaks “don’t count” since it isn’t a hard-core all out, sweat-dripping workout.  BUT, using those windows of time to get moving was just the ticket for my body and mind…and just made it to my goal mileage.  And, I have you all to thank!

The highlight of Wise Heron for me is seeing and hearing all the great things you all are up to….starting a Couch to 5K program, buying a bike, running races, and setting out on some multi-segment ambitious hiking adventures (watch for this blog post to come!).  It is inspiring to be among people who are integrating wellness into their lives – whether through 10 minute walk breaks when you can, choosing fruit over fries, or setting new challenges for yourself.  It all counts, it all matters, and it is certainly important.

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

PS – Next up?!  The Pea Soup Days 5K on June 9th!  I love this local race and have run it every year since it began.  My favorite part now is the kids race – which BOTH my boys will run this year!!!  🙂

Move It Move It!

Howdy Herons! With May in full swing, you can feel the slip-and-slide right into summer fun – longer days, bright sun, high energy, and more sweat!  Ah, sweet summer.  Speaking of more sweat, we’ve been pondering – what motivates you to sweat – are you motivated by minutes?  Tracking your steps?  Miles? Pounds (dropped or lifted)?  Please share with us via email or social media!

We all know that we need to get our sweat on; that being active is critical to short- and long-term health (and happiness, I may add!).  There are recommendations from everywhere – the CDC, the American Heart Association, etc. providing an array of somewhat-confusing numbers from 20-60 minutes PER DAY (!) to a more consistently suggested 150 minutes/week of moderate intensity activity.  Between sorting out what that means, what counts, where and how to fit it in, many times, it just doesn’t happen.  But, NO MORE!

Get in on the Wise Heron Move It-Move It Challenge – it’s simple, it has three choices of commitment levels, it has a printable to track your progress, AND it comes with the support of all of us doing it with you!  You can connect with us and encourage other challengers on social media if you’d like, with a smaller group of Herons in our Closed Facebook Group (JOIN HERE), or directly with us via email at

The challenge options are based solely on minutes of being active.  What counts?  You decide; you know if you are being active.  Some ideas – getting out for a walk on your lunch break, doing a yoga or strength class or DVD, getting on your bicycle, hiking, some vigorous gardening (this happens this time of year!), whatever works for you to MOVE IT-MOVE IT!

This is a 4-week challenge starting THIS Monday MAY 23rd – June 19, 2016 – you choose how many minutes you can commit to being active.

200 Minute Challenge – #WiseHeron200
500 Minute Challenge – #WiseHeron500
800 Minute Challenge – #WiseHeron800

Do you have other goals or training going on for May?  No problem, you can count them here too!  We also realize it is unconventional to start a challenge in the middle of the month, but with fitness (and really with anything), NOW IS THE TIME (and we get a little gangster like that)!  We’ll also wrap up at the summer solstice….which seems to fit like a glove (er, sandal).

I’m committing to try for the 800 Minute Challenge.  Wherever you’re at, whatever your goal, JOIN WITH US – let’s rock this!

With Love,
Megan @ Wise Heron

Hey May!

Spring is in the air and ambitions are revved up!  It is time to get out in the fresh sunshine and get your groove on. With that, I’ve drawn up some pretty ambitious goals for May that I want to share with you so we can keep each other accountable. I’d also love to hear how you approach your fitness goals – weekly? Monthly? # of workouts?  I like to change it up and approach it all different ways, depending on the month(s). It truly helps me integrate fitness as a happy, integral part of my life when I can plot it out and share in it with others.

Lately, I’ve had regular busy life stuff – work, travel, sick kid, family – and while I was still fitting in a run or hike when I could, it wasn’t as productive or rock-this-thang as I’d hoped.  That happens, but now, MAY is here.

As you may know, I’m a fan of numbers and with May as month 5, I’ve worked it in to get extra specific this month (versus more general workout X times per week, which is what works better other months!) I also want to cover more miles on my bike as spring wakes up across our beautiful surroundings.

So for MAY:  55 miles by foot (run/hike), 5 Yoga Sessions, 25 miles by bike.

We’d love to hear how you set your goals, what your current goals may be, and most importantly how we can help and encourage you along the way!  Please join us to chat on workouts or all things wellness, ask questions of some seasoned experts, share your adventures and lessons learned, get some support, inspiration, and accountability – hook up with us via our NEW Closed Facebook Group, through the website, on social media, or directly by email.


With Love,

Who in the Flock?!


I get fired up helping people get started in their fitness adventure…whether that is running, walking, wogging (the walk-jog), lifting weights, cycling, sweating in the garden, playing tennis, or getting out on the ice for some curling.  The part I love is helping people get past the stumbling blocks so it becomes something that pulses joy into their life.  The fact is people need the sweat now more than ever – to keep our bodies working, to clear the mind, to help focus our priorities, to give us more time, to give us that piece of satisfaction we are all searching too hard for.  It’s all in the sweat – truly.
At Wise Heron, we have created “never-seen-this-before” apparel to get you going and celebrate your achievements as you keep going.  We’ve searched and found the best fabrics and cuts to make each piece functional and freaking awesome!  And, while we are excited about T’s and tanks, our real passion lies in coming together with our people.  We strive to create the best online running and/or sweating community that is INCLUSIVE, WELCOMING, AND ENCOURAGING so we can bring more connection, fun, and joy to your fitness lifestyle.  We are grateful to walk this journey together with you – thank you for being here and sharing your energy in a World that needs it!


With Love,