The (re)Writeable Collection was our original foundation idea!  We want you to write on your shirt – YES, write on your shirt!  Grab a WASHABLE marker to jot down what your workout motivation is on any given day…maybe it’s weekend penance on Monday, your sanity on Tuesday, your favorite charity on Thursday, and happy hour on Friday.  Declare what you SWEAT FOR, RUN FOR, WALK FOR, BIKE FOR, HIKE FOR, or YOGA FOR and feel the power of intention.


We love the funny….from us good folks running for a cold beer to those folks us only in it for the bling.

We love the serious…..from running for a charity or meaningful cause to those of us running for a specific person we may have lost or that we align with in their current or past fight.

We love the simple yogi intention…..gratitude, peace, self-preservation, or joy.

We’d say you could really use all six…but we may be biased.  We also have youth sizes so you can include your littles in on the family fun – just for wellness or for your charity event.  

Mostly, we love supporting you in your daily workout, event, or race…no matter what it is you #sweatfor, #runfor, #walkfor, #bikefor, #hikefor, or #yogafor, we salute you!  Snap a selfie of whatever your daily declaration is and share with us on FB, Insta, or Twitter (tag #wiseheron)!

As if this wasn’t cool enough, $1 from every shirt sold from the writeable collection will be pooled and donated to a deserving charity that serves the wellness community!  We fitness folks can continue to give, connect, and make a difference. 

Endorphins – Check. 

Charity – Check. 

Cool gear & unlimited possibilities – Check. 

We’ll call it a trifecta!

Note, to change the shirt on any whim, use a WASHABLE MARKER.  If you are ready to go permanent style – as in, you always walk for a certain loved one….or a cold beverage (hey, we’re not judging! – then go crazy and use a permanent marker.  

To be uber clear – the permanent is permanent and will then not wash off



Flock yeah! Let’s shop!