Our Run50 Collection includes unique milestone apparel for those with aspirations to run, walk, or somehow lay their footprints down in all 50 states – be it a jaunt around the block on vacation, the 13.1 commitment, or the big daddy full marathon.  The idea for this was simple…once while running a half marathon, I was behind someone with a shirt that said Run 50 by 50…for TWO HOURS, I wondered where they’d been and where else they were headed.  Thus, the idea for this collection was born – order your state list item, grab a permanent marker and check the states you’ve hit off the list…or, use the map shirt to color in, check off, or add the date to each state in the map. 

Run 50 sweatshirtRun50 T Run 50 sweatshirtRun 50





Share your progress with us so we can also cheer you on (and be inspired by you!)!  Post and tag us with a pic of your map or list on FB, Twitter, or Insta.  Way to go rockstars – #Run50!




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