State Love

We LOVE runners and enthusiasts in EVERY state and have the gear to represent you!  Represent on your next run!  BONUS – this shirt is designed you can write your name in the state area so people can cheer you to your finish line!  Or, don’t deface and just sport a cool shirt.  These shirts have become one of my weekend go-to’s whether or not I am running that day (truly, the fabrics are awesome)!

Virginia Runnerrun illinoisrun minnesotarun geogiaColorado Runner

Show off your State Love!  If you don’t see yours on the site, email us at and let us know what gear and State you’d like and we will get you exactly what you need post haste.  We have them all – though they can be a bit of a posting nightmare.  

TIP:  Use a permanent marker to keep your name in place….or, if you like to be able to change it from Sarah to Team Awesome to Super Sarah depending on your mood or event, just use a washable marker and stay non-committal.  We’re cool with non-committal.



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