How do I know if this shirt will fit right?  What kind of fabric is it?
We have Sizing Info! Look at this page first, then if you have any questions, email us at customerlove@wiseheron.com! When you’re ordering your shirts, take a look at the product description for fabric info! 

I have a large group that is doing a charity event for a specific cause – can we order a lot of your RUN FOR or WALK FOR shirts at one time?
Of course!  Let’s figure out how we can help – please email us at customerlove@wiseheron.com so we can talk with you about the specifics of your important event.  We love to support our peeps sweating for their cause and people dear to their hearts.  

I don’t run – but I think I’m going to start.  Is it fraudulent to wear an I RUN FOR shirt?
Nope, in fact, you must.  It’s time.  You write on your shirt and feel that wind fire up beneath your feet (and if we can help you get started, email us at customerlove@wiseheron.com, check out our blog, and/or join our newsletter for all the tips and info you need!).

Do you have kid’s sizes?
You betcha!  (this company has Northern roots, we hope this isn’t a dealbreaker in our relationship)  This is how we get our kids in on the fitness fun and get our whole fam marching to the same beat when we walk/run for to raise money for St. Jude, honor those who have or are battled breast cancer, and give our support to the many (many, many, many) causes we love!

Are you those people who wake up each morning and love to work out at 430AM in coordinating clothes after your kale smoothie before you start your perfect day?
No, we are real people.  We love what the commitment to a “healthy” lifestyle does for us though we are the first to acknowledge, this stuff ain’t easy.  Uh-uh, we have the same struggles, uncertainty, list of other priorities, fears, slips, trips, and falls.  BUT (you knew that was coming), there is nothing better than a community of folks to help keep you motivated, accountable, and informed so you can kick as much ass as possible, each and every day.  You feel me?

Did you have a troubled childhood?  Why do you want people to write on their clothing so much?
Maybe it is a rebellious streak – but I think we’re ready for it.  If it feels a little wild-child to you, maybe start with the writeable RUNFOR or State Love gear.  It is washable markers so no real damage here.  When you’re ready, ease into it if you want to go permanent marker style.  As far as we know, it is legal for you to buy them in all 50 states.  Go on, you can.

Where are the serious questions?
They’re coming.

How do I wash my T’s?
In the washing machine…if you can remember to turn it inside out, it will last longer but hey, maybe we’ve moved to rebellion from the previous questions.  You can dry it but not on the crazy-hot-shrink-all-your-shiz temp…seriously, that doesn’t help anything in the long run.  And, if yo’ sweat don’t stink, you can just wipe any of the washable marker off with a damp sponge/rag/paper towel though that may not be advisable after hot yoga.  Really.

What happens if I run in the rain?
Well, you’ll likely get wet – which, depending on temps and your mood, may or may not be enjoyable.  With respect to your shirt, the rain drops may make the washable marker run and smear….it’s washable (not so much commandable) and if you are either very much enjoying or not enjoying it, it may not really matter as much to you as knocking this out or dancing in the rain.

What kind of marker should I use?  Does dry erase work?
If you want to re-write, use WASHABLE.  They wash off.
If you do not want to re-write and are ready to take it to permanent status, use PERMANENT or DRY ERASE. They are foreva-eva. Foreva-eva? Foreva. Eva. 

Do people really write on their shirts – is this really a thing?
Yes, all the cool kids.  Get in on it – we even recommend you selfie it up, hash tag, and join the party (just don’t drink the Kool-Aid).

What if I my question isn’t on this FAQ?
Bring it on! We’re happy to personally answer any questions – email us anytime at customerlove@wiseheron.com.